We are In Mold.

We are a superior plastics finishing manufacturer. You call us because your imagination has run wild and now you need to deliver on that promise. And we're happy to help because putting imagination into plastic is what we do.

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Yes, we can do that.

We use the latest technologies to make the parts you need. All the standard stuff, plus IML, IMD, insert molding, secondary decoration and a variety of combinations.

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    IML - In Mold Labeling

    Leading the industry, focusing on high resolution graphics, accurate registration and functional labeling.

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    IMD - In Mold Decoration

    Our years of commitment to IMD has led to in-house tooling and strong foil supplier relationships to provide multi cavity IMD solutions.

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    3-D Machine Polishing

    Seamless parting lines for a pristine finish.

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    We host a suite of printing options to make your product pop.

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    Optically Clear Lamination

    Bringing parts together using dry or wet adhesives in Class 1K clean rooms since 2001.

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    Secondary Decoration

    When it can't be done in the mold we offer a host of secondary decoration options.

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    Sheet Routing

    Discipline, experience, high precision equipment, continuing to lead by example.

Creating unique solutions.

We're not only a service provider but we provide experience and solutions to solve challenging designs. When it comes to collaborating, face time is key. That's the personal service we think makes the process and the product, the best it can be.

We've done it this way for decades in electronics, automotive, medical and packaging industries. And we've learned a few things about optimizing the process and making sure it is as efficient as possible. Ultimately, we are making a better product in less time. And we know how you appreciate that.

Early supplier involvement.

When it comes to collaborative work, nothing beats sitting down face to face. At least we think so. That's why we'll meet with with designers and engineers early on, so we fully understand your design intent and requirements. That's the kind of personal service we think makes the process and the product the best it can be.

Through decades of experience in electronics, automotive, medical, and packaging industries, we've learned a few things about optimizing the process and making sure it is as efficient as possible. Which means we can make a better product in less time, which we can all agree works out better for everyone.

We like a challenge.

We have in-house tooling and a staff of some of the best engineers from Europe, Asia, and America. And as if that weren't enough, we also perform in-house testing for real world stuff like heat and abrasion.

“We never allow a process or equipment to be a limiting factor.”

In Mold means quality.

A great idea doesn't mean much without great execution. In short, we manufacture the best, most innovative products without breaking the bank or extending your timeline.

Our approach to unique manufacturing solutions starts with quality. We are committed to providing robust processes that meet our customers design intent and quality requirements.

Basically, there's no substitute for experience and we've got tons of it.

Talking is free.

Interested in working together? Give us a call or shoot us an email. We'd love to hear from you.